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Why I don’t offer USBs of my photoshoots

Technology is always changing. Whenever you buy a new mobile phone, laptop, camera or anything tech, you know that the second you get home, they’ll bring out a newer more updated version!

We use technology for everything, and they have to update it regularly to keep up!

When digital photography became available, delivering galleries via USB seemed like the best way to go. There was no limit to what you could deliver, clients could print their photos whenever and however. People could share their images with family and friends and update their profile picture on social media as often as they want.

Well, imagine my surprise when I bought a new laptop and… IT HAD NO SPACE FOR A USB!!!

So that was one reason why I stopped offering USBs for photoshoots. Remember hard disks? Then CDs? VCR? Mini discs? You can’t get them anymore.

All those home videos that are lovingly stored on video, can no longer be watched. Unless you still have a video player. Or, you’ve had them converted to DVD. Going by my experience, that’s one of those jobs that never gets done!

Beautiful memories with your children, just sitting there gathering dust!

The same goes for USBs.

How many times have you said ‘Oh, next time I go out I’ll take that USB with me and get some photos printed’? Then you walk straight past the USB (for the next 6 months), before it gets put back in the junk drawer to be dealt with another time.

I know, because I’ve been there.

When you’re busy working, raising children, taking care of the house and trying to do all the things, it just doesn’t feel like a necessary job.

So there was my decision made. USBs will eventually be gone, along with our memories.

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