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Three Tips For Getting Organised This Year

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” How many times have you heard yourself say this before? I know I’ve said it.  Plenty of times! I also remember my own Mum saying it.

As Mother’s, it really does feel like we just don’t have enough hours in a day.

Now, before you really dive into this post, I want you to know, I haven’t always been organised. Nor am I completely organised now! However, becoming a parent made me realise how I need to be more intentional with my time. It also made me realise, if I don’t write things down as soon as I think of them, something will happen and I will forget!

Last year I really made a conscious effort with my time. I wasn’t perfect, but instead of mindlessly scrolling social media, I retrained my mind to do things that are more useful.

After the birth of my second baby at the end of 2018, I spent the entire of 2019 breastfeeding. Now, I don’t know if you have read the quote that breastfeeding equates to more than a full time job in itself. That’s a lot of time that could have been spent scrolling Instagram. Instead, I put that time to good use.


Did you know you can check how long you spend on particular apps? On an iPhone, go to settings > Battery > whichever app you want to check, and it will tell you how many minutes (or worse, hours) have been spent on that particular app. I challenge you to check! I think you will be surprised. What you think is 5 minutes here or there, soon adds up. Before you know it, you’ve been on Facebook  for 3 hours a day! 24 hours in a day, 8 hours give or take asleep leaves you 16 hours awake time. Don’t forget Instagram! What if that added up to another 3 hours a day? You now only have 10 hours left. 8 hours (or more) spent at work, then cooking and preparing meals, showering, getting dressed, helping with homework. The to do list never ends.

I love checking in on my friends as much as you do. I just try to be more mindful these days.

Is there a book you really want to read, but don’t have the time? When you’re sat in the pick up line, or waiting on your food order, keep your favourite book on your phone or iPad and read a few pages instead.

It’s become so engrained in our minds to scroll, that it’s a habit now. The second we are bored, we pick up our phones. Companies design these apps TO BE ADDICTIVE! Just make sure that when you do, the time is spent wisely. I’d love to hear something you have done instead of scrolling today! Let me know below in the comments, or send me a DM on Instagram (But send and don’t scroll 😉 )

Tip Number Two – Set up a weekly timeline

Sounds really boring doesn’t it? I found that working from home, while so amazing in many ways, made me get out of routine. (As much as you can have a routine with children) I really thrive off routine. I feel better when I have woken on my terms, rather than children waking me and tackling my tasks before the household even wakes.

I was trying to juggle my children, work and my household tasks, and my Husband working away. Before kids, I would spend a day cleaning. Okay, it wasn’t my favourite way to spend a day off, but I had so much free time. (I wish I knew that back then!)

Last year I wrote out a timeline for each of the 7 days of the week. I tweaked it as time went on, and I found better ways of doing things. I used to work until midnight every night. I’d wake up tired and groggy and eventually burnt out. Now, I’ve given myself a bedtime and my lights need to be out by 10pm at the latest.

One of my priorities is working out. I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. So I factor in time to workout.

I prepare all my meals from scratch, so I factor in time for that.

I even put times I will play with my children on the timeline. It was so important to me to be intentional, and make the time for my children too. They grow so fast and I don’t want to miss out on that because I wasn’t using my time efficiently. If you would like to see an example of what my timeline looks like, to give you some ideas on how you can write your own, send me a message!

Tip Number Three – Brain Dump!

What is brain dumping?

How many times have you thought about something that needs doing, only to be interrupted and then forgotten? It happened to me ALL THE TIME! I’m a list writer. I need lists. I have lists for everything! I also have a calendar AND a diary AND a calendar on my phone. I’m a visual person. If it’s not written down, it likely won’t happen. Post it notes usually get lost, am I right?! Last year I came across Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners. This isn’t an ad, I just came across her on a podcast, loved her message and her products! 🙂 But the planners aren’t what I’m talking about here. My favourite item from her website were the dry erase magnets. I bought the pack of four and they are a lifesaver! I cannot recommend them enough. They weren’t ‘cheap’. USD$40 for the pack, but 100% worth it for me. In the pack is a weekly calendar magnet, which I don’t rely on as much, but still use. I usually put note worthy events for that week on it so I can look quickly at what I have on that week. The next in the pack is a blank notes magnet. I use this to write every single ‘to do’ that I think of on it. As soon as something comes on my head that needs doing, it goes on that list. Like a brain dump. Long term to-do’s, short term to-do’s. They all go on that one board. The third is the to-do list magnet. It has 7 spots on it. I move things from my blank notes magnet onto this board that I want to achieve that day. I make sure the list is reasonable to achieve. Anything from calling a client to ironing to creating a helpful blog post such as this one go on here. During the day, I work off of this list and wipe it clean as I do the jobs. You could also add things like meal plan, clean bathroom, dust ceiling fans. Anything you want to get done that day. It saves on paper, so I’m mindful of the environment and it helps me be oh so organised! The final magnet in the pack is the lined notes magnet. I use this magnet for my grocery list. As soon as something runs low, or runs out completely, it goes on this list. Then, when I meal plan each week and go grocery shopping, I copy the list onto the notes in my phone and wipe the board clean. I stick all the magnets on my fridge, so they are easily accessible. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I can read and write on them easily.

simplified planner dry erase four magnet bundle

I hope these three tips for getting organised this year have been helpful! I would love to hear how you stay organised, or if you try any of my tips above I’d love to know! You can leave me a comment below, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy New Year! I hope 2020 is an amazing year for you

Lizzy x

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