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My top 3 tips for what to wear to your family session | Cairns family photographer

One of the questions I get asked most, from Mums especially, is about what to wear to your family session.

Living in Cairns, we are all lucky enough to have warm weather all year round. So that rules out the need to wear boots or winter woolies! We can pretty much wear beautiful summer outfits January through to December.

When it comes to planning your family session, I think it’s fair to say that besides worrying whether everything will run smoothly on the day, the next big worry is ‘WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?!’

The more your family grows, the harder it gets. Trying to coordinate everyone is tough!

When us Mums have our kids, I think we also become more self conscious with what we wear. Our bodies change from having our baby, and while we are so grateful that we were able to carry our children, sometimes we focus on our dislike of particular areas.

Today I wanted to share my top 3 tips for what to wear to your family session.

  1. Avoid clothes with logos or characters – This can be a hard one. If your children are anything like mine, they want to wear outfits with their favourite tv characters on them. Honestly, I’ve just given in to this more often than not, because, whatever makes our children happy, right? I’d definitely prefer that they were dressed in timeless pieces, with beautiful lace and smart shoes, but I also value my sanity in the mornings when it comes to getting dressed! 😉 I still remember buying a Spice Girls top with a picture of the band on the front, and it was definitely one of my favourites! However, for photos, one thing I really try to encourage, is to avoid the characters or logos of our favourite sports brands. I love to try and keep photos as timeless as possible. These types of prints can really date photos, and when you look back, it’s definitely one of those moments you think ‘Why on earth did I wear that?!’ However, the main reason to avoid this type of clothing, is because it really distracts from the subject (your beautiful family). When the viewer (the person looking at the photo) looks at it, you really want their eye to immediately be drawn to your family and the moment captured. These large characters or logos can draw their eye in to the wrong place
  2. Avoid fluorescent clothing – I think we can all agree that fashion changes a lot over time (anyone remember those A.D.I.D.A.S sports pants with the poppers down the side – yikes!) It’s a given that when we wear fashionable clothing, it’s going to date. However, fluorescent clothing should be a definite no-go for professional photos! As I mentioned above about distractive clothing, fluorescent colours are DEFINITELY going to do that! If anything is going to draw your eye away from a beautiful moment with your children, lime green is going to do it! Dressing in neutral clothing is timeless, and much more complimentary than bright colours. You will find neutral’s generally suit all skin tones too, and can be worn long after your photoshoot 🙂
  3. Wear something you feel comfortable in! – It goes without saying that if we don’t feel comfortable in what we wear, we are going to tear ourselves apart afterwards. I want you to feel beautiful when you look at your pictures. If you feel amazing when you wear a long flowing dress, you go for it! They also look great in pictures, the movement really enhances an image – especially when caught in a slight gust of wind! (Hello, Beyonce!) If jeans and a smart top is more your thing, go for that! I love a pair of skinny jeans paired with a beautiful top. TIP: Things to avoid which usually make people feel self conscious – low cut tops (You don’t want to be constantly trying to pull it up to avoid a cleavage shot if you don’t like that look!), short dresses (You will likely be running after your little one, crouching down, throwing them in the air – it’s hard to really enjoy time with your family if you’re worried everyone can see your knickers!)

BONUS – Try to think of things you feel conscious of. A common one I hear about is arms. If you worry about how your arms look, avoid strapless items and go for something lose and flowy that covers your arms.

I hope these three tips help you in choosing what to wear to your family session. I’m regularly posting ideas to my Instagram page which you can follow here. (I also have a highlight saved with some great combinations for the family!)

If you have any questions, or would like some more ideas, you can leave a comment below, email me at or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

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