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Working Out From Home With Kids

I’d be lying if I said I ENJOY working out from home with kids! In fact, it’s probably my least favourite way of getting a workout in.

Being interrupted every two minutes, climbed all over, minimal space, not really being able to get in the zone, to name but a few reasons of why I’d prefer to go TO the gym to workout.

Before I had children, the gym was a part of my life. It wasn’t a chore. I enjoyed it! Not only did it make me feel good on the outside, it made me feel good inside too. Along with working out, usually comes healthy eating too. The perfect recipe for over all health and wellbeing.

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I was in great shape. I felt good during pregnancy, (besides the never ending morning sickness and then never ending heartburn), and was able to recover quickly post pregnancy, which I believe came from being strong to begin with. However, during pregnancy I was too paranoid to workout incase something happened to the baby and after I gave birth, I was too anxious to leave my baby with anyone.

I loved running, so ran on and off with the pram and tried various home workouts from YouTube, but nothing was the same as getting to the gym and really working hard or taking the classes I loved.

Apart from that, she was a terrible sleeper, a terrible teether, and with surviving on very little sleep, the last thing I felt like doing was exercise.

Before she turned one, I got pregnant again. I found this pregnancy much harder. Not only was I trying to raise a toddler, alone a lot of the time with my Husband working away month on month off, I wasn’t as fit and strong. I got a lot of back pain, and trying to regain fitness when you’re growing a baby isn’t easy.

Over the second half of last year, I started back at the gym. God it felt good! After struggling with post natal depression, I knew I had to start looking after myself again.

Well, what do children often bring? SICKNESS! Every other week it felt like one of us were sick. I’d just get back into the groove of going to the gym, and either myself or the kids would get sick. Trying to get there was a nightmare. Especially when my Husband was away, and we have no family here to help.

I desperately needed some consistency, and something that I LOVED to do, besides my children. I think every Mother can relate that we all adore our children, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need our own time too. It took me a long time to realise that. MUM GUILT IS SO REAL! I still don’t think I’m overly convinced that I’m okay with needing that time. I know that I do, but gosh I feel terrible for it. I’m not the only one right?!

I was talking to a friend, and she told me about Les Mills On Demand. The thought of PAYING for an at home workout brought on more guilt. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY FREE WORKOUTS ONLINE?!

When we lived in WA I actually worked in a gym. Both on reception and in the creche. I was doing the Les Mills classes 6 days a week. Usually two in a row too. Mixing it up between RPM, Body Combat, Body Pump and GRIT. I loved Les Mills. At one point I even considered becoming an instructor.

I sat down and did the math. To get to the gym 3 times a week and pay for two children in the creche it was going to cost on average $2400 PER YEAR!!!! That’s without factoring in dragging two kids in the car, waiting for the creche to even be open, children missing nap times because of it, packing snacks etc etc. Not my idea of fun when battling post natal depression!

So I forced myself to look at the Les Mills On Demand programme. I could do a trial for 10 days at no cost to see if it was something I’d be interested in, and after that I could sign up on a monthly basis, 3 monthly or a yearly basis. I decided to opt for the yearly membership. At just $199 per year, it made so much more sense financially and physically, to give up my ‘ideal’ workout situation and make the best of what was available to me during this season of babies.

Les Mills on demand pricing

When I posted about the programme on my social media channels, I had lots of Mums message me about what I thought. They had all felt the same as me. Wanting to get their workout in, but could never find a YouTube channel that suited them exactly, and missing their old classes at the gym.

I decided it might be helpful to Mums to write this post. All opinions are obviously my own, and we all have different needs. However this is a list I have compiled of things I love about the Les Mills On Demand subscription.

  • Cheaper than a gym membership + paying for two kids in creche
  • Able to workout at a time that suits me. Creche was never available for the classes I wanted to attend
  • ALL the Les Mills classes are included and updated regularly. Body Pump, Body Combat, Barre, Body Balance, Body Attack, RPM and more!
  • You can do older releases if you want to mix it up
  • If you don’t have an hour to spare, you can do shorter classes. I often do 30 minutes of Body Combat if that’s all I have time for. 6 tracks including a cool down track. 30 minutes is better than nothing!
  • If you haven’t done a Les Mills class before, they are amazing! The instructors are so motivating. They are all generally on social media too, so you can follow them for their personal tips and tricks
  • There is a Facebook group if you miss the social side and would like some support
  • Did I mention it was cheaper than a gym membership… BY OVER $2000!!!! I love my gym and I miss going, but every little helps!
  • You can still workout with friends, in the comfort of your own home
  • My kids can still nap when they need to
  • I can choose which release I want to do – My current favourite is Body Combat #79
  • My kids get to see me take care of myself
  • There is an app, so I can do it wherever I need to in my house. Even outside if I wish!
  • Because of the app, I can even workout when I travel. A big plus for me!
  • You can cancel at any time so you aren’t tied in
  • They offer a workout plan
  • They are available for all fitness levels. And if you think you aren’t fit enough, just start with a shorter class. Noone’s watching you at home either 😉

Gosh there are just so many positives to it. Comparing that list to my short list of: I miss the community of the gym and I miss working out on my own, makes me realise how positive it is to have the on demand option.

For those who wanted to know my favourite classes. Body Combat 100%. It’s always been my favourite. RPM is another favourite, however I’m trying to find a suitable location in my house to where I can store a bike. I used to do triple RPM/Spin classes when I worked at the gym! Yes, that’s nearly 3 hours of spin class!! I also love GRIT strength. I basically love anything upbeat and high intensity.

I hope this has helped! I’m not sponsored by Les Mills, I genuinely just love the brand and the classes so wanted to share.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, or message me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll be happy to help!

Keep filling those cups Mummy’s. You deserve it too! xx

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