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FREE Hospital Bag Checklist | Cairns Maternity Photographer

Is it getting to that time in your pregnancy where you need to start thinking about packing your hospital bag, but every time you download a free hospital bag checklist from an influencer you follow, it just overwhelms you even more?

That was the position I was in when I had my first child. I had a lot of ‘what if..?’ questions in my mind and before I knew it, I was packing like I was moving into the hospital, not going in to have a baby!

So I created my free hospital bag checklist.

With platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s easy to think you need all these fabulous extras when going in to the hospital to have your baby. A beautiful outfit to take them home in. 7 million dummies ‘just in case’. Breast pump, bottles, formula, milestone cards for that Instagram post you want to style and photograph. Yikes! No wonder having a baby in the 21st century becomes overwhelming.

Well, I’m a very minimalist person. I’m also English, so I know all about packing for the ‘just in case’ scenarios 😉 Ever been to a BBQ in the UK thinking it would be a lovely warm summers day, just to find yourself under a gazebo in the pouring rain, cooking your BBQ inside under the grill?!

Packing your hospital bag can become a bit like that. There are more ‘just in case’ scenarios than you can count when it comes to having a baby.

I decided to ask the person who would absolutely know best about what I needed to bring to the hospital – my midwife! I mean, she does this as a job. Everyday. She knows about all the items that get left untouched in that huge suitcase, and what is ACTUALLY needed. So I put this free hospital bag checklist together after talking to her. It covers the essentials and also leaves room for you to add your own ideas if there is something you desperately don’t want to forget that isn’t already on the list.

Get the list!

I also like to ask lots of questions so that I can be as prepared as I can be. So I have added a bonus PDF with questions to ask your midwife, just in case you have absolutely no idea what you want to know, and could do with some prompts. Again, there is room for you to add your own questions if you have any.

I hope you find this list helpful. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, or send me a message on Instagram or by email!

I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well

Lizzy x

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My FREE hospital bag checklist with bonus ‘questions to ask your midwife’