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First Birthday Photographer Cairns

If you’ve found yourself on this blog post, then you’ve likely Googled something along the lines of ‘first birthday photographer Cairns’.

So your baby is turning one. I think it feels like one of the biggest milestones of having a baby. Every Mum I meet says how sad she feels that her little baby is growing up. You spent the last 12 months counting in hours, days, weeks and then months, then suddenly you’re talking about ‘my one year old’. They are really beginning to explore now. Sometimes by this age they are walking, and may have even said a few words! Suddenly you can feel that tiny bundle growing away from the comfort of your lap.

I know that I cried for weeks over my eldest turning one. (The second baby turning one was a bit more of a blur!)

What better way to celebrate, or freeze a little portion of time, than with a first birthday photoshoot. I’ve written this post, hoping that it will help you decide which first birthday photographer Cairns is the best fit for your family.

I bet when you typed in ‘first birthday photographer Cairns’, you were just overwhelmed by pages and pages of photographers, ready to capture your baby’s sweet little face. So, how do you choose?

With social media being so popular these days, it’s a great way to have a quick overview of someones portfolio. If they are fairly active on their page, you may even be able to ‘meet’ them via their social media platform of choice! I love Instagramand show up there often. I think it’s a really lovely way to interact with the families who choose to hire me to photograph their baby. I’ve had lots of Mummy’s say it made me feel more like a friend, so when it came to their session, they felt relaxed and comfortable around me. If you’re on Instagram, I’d love for you to come by and say hi! You can follow me here.

So, you’ve had a look a their social media, and think your personalities really match. So what next?

It sounds like an obvious one, but are you drawn to their photos, and are they consistent? Every photographer has their own ‘style’. Have a think about what you will do with the photos once you receive them. Do you plan on printing them in an album? Do you love to frame photos and display them on your walls? This is a great way to decide on the style of photographer you choose. How is your home decorated? My home is extremely light and minimal with a real classic feel to it. (If you ignore the fluorescent children’s toys that have taken over!) My furniture is a combination of white and lightly stained wood, and my accessories are navy. I’m not redecorating all the time because it’s such a timeless style. Because of how my house is decorated, I like the photos I hang to reflect that. Which is why my all white studio sessions are very minimal. No fancy props and no big hair bows. As a result, focus will be entirely on your family.

Does the photographer specialise? I think this is another obvious one, but when I decided to specialise as a baby photographer Cairns, it enabled me to really become an expert at what I photograph. That way, the families I photograph can be assured that the money they invest is going to get them the best product possible.

Do you prefer to be out in a location or do you prefer a studio? If you have older children, I would recommend finding a photographer who shoots on location. Children love to explore, and plonking them in a studio tends to be a recipe for disaster! For babies however, I generally find a studio is a better option. My studio located in Trinity Park, Cairns is a room in my home. It may seem odd to have a home studio, but I think it makes children feel more safe, and it definitely makes parents feel more relaxed.

Which leads me to my next tip. Do you prefer posed or more natural images? There is no right or wrong answer and everyone is different. My studio sessions are very relaxed. Like you are popping round for a cuppa and a playdate, but I take photos of your family at the same time! My Trinity Park home studio is the perfect size for the age I photograph. Newborns and young children. I have little wooden toys and white teddies for your baby to play with and if you forget to bring nappies or other essentials, I have them all for you!

My final tip is with regards to the first birthday session itself! Do you prefer a minimal look, or lots of props? If it’s lots of props, balloons and banners, I can recommend other photographers who are more suitable for you. My first birthday photoshoots are very minimal and classic. You have a 20 minute portrait session, 20 minutes with a beautiful ‘semi naked’ 4 inch cake made by The Hungry Hummingbird and then baby has a 20 minute splash in a little bubble bath (that’s definitely their favourite bit!)

I hope this post has helped you choose the right baby photographer Cairns for you. If you would like more information, you can find my pricing here, or you can contact me via my form here, or directly at

I can’t wait to meet your little Cairns baby soon xx


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