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February’s Monthly Favourites

Each month, I will be sharing my monthly favourites. These may be photography related, or things I use that help make my life more organised, healthy and fulfilled. I hope you can find something that you enjoy too!

Following on from January’s Monthly favourites, I bring you February’s edition. This month featuring stretching with olympians, children learning through play, yearbooks and more!

  1. Tom Daley’s Home Stretches – Okay, I know Tom Daley is a British Olympian, and I now live on the other side of the world (Cairns, Australia to be exact) but A. He’s lovely and I still enjoy following his path to the olympics and B. I came across his YouTube workouts when watching one of his Daley Diaries (his home life & training for the olympics). I particularly enjoyed his stretches. The one I have been doing after my home workouts (See January’s post for my favourites) is 20 minutes long and targets lots of different areas. Trying to fit exercise or stretching in as parent is hard. We always put ourselves last. So I think it’s important to find a channel you love so that it’s easier to stick to it (Related post: Exercising at home with kids)
  2. Blurb Books – If you’ve followed me on Instagram or Facebook for a while, you’ll know how much I value printing my family photos! I have a system to organise my never ending photos, a system for printing my phone photos and a system for printing my camera photos. Photos (in my opinion) just can’t be enjoyed properly on a hard drive or lost on a phone. My girls and I love sitting down with our albums discussing the memories we are reminded of when we see the photos. I use Blurb Books to create my family yearbook. I make this specifically with the photos I take on my camera, but you can make yours with photos from your phone, iPad, GoPro… anything with a camera. I love seeing how much my children grow each year and the amazing places we’ve visited around Australia, as well as locally here in Cairns. It’s like a tangible version of Facebook memories 🙂 (Reminder: children don’t get to see Facebook memories, so by not having albums, they are missing out 😉 ) I order a hard cover 12×12 book with just the basic pages. I includes many photos in my yearbooks that it’s important to keep the cost down as much as I can. By following this link, you can also save $30 off your first book.
  3. Farm Gate 2 U – I love sharing about local business’ that our family uses. I’m guessing if you follow me, you probably have similar values & enjoy the things that we do. One of our favourite business’ is Farm Gate 2 U. I’ve loved watching their business grow over the last few years, from starting out just selling locally sourced produce (Including from their own farm) to now making their own juices & smoothies (my favourite is ‘rain kale or shine’), coffee, healthy treats (you have to try their brownie) and sandwiches/wraps/salads. An extra bonus is they are just around the corner from the studio. So you can grab a coffee or fresh juice on your way here, and some lunch on your way home! They’ve also recently introduced an app, so you can order in advance and beat the queues!
  4. Little Life Long Learners – 2020 (and so far this year) saw families in and out of lockdown due to the global pandemic. This saw parents around the globe clutching at straws trying to entertain, home school and make life as normal as possible for their little ones. Many of whom were also trying to work from home at the same time. An extremely overwhelming task for Mums & Dads everywhere. I have followed Casey at Little Life Long Learners for a while. Her business is centred around play based learning from baby through to young children. She has many free resources, paid resources and recently she launched her first book full of creative ideas to do with your babies and children. They are quick and easy to set up (hallelujah!) and many of the items required you can find around your home. One of Casey’s resources we found so helpful during our time in lockdown was the daily routine cards. They are only $6.50 and I printed, cut out and laminated them one evening. I picked out ones I thought were age appropriate for my girls and we worked together to create our ‘daily routine’ for lockdown so that it was visual. We blu tacked them to the wall and each morning we would have a look to see which task was next. (Including eating breakfast, making our bed, brushing our teeth, getting dressed etc). These are so great for life outside of a pandemic too! We also have her book, and enjoy setting up various sensory play activities. We recently enjoyed painting in the bath with shaving foam and food colouring and making explosions with baking soda, food colouring and vinegar. If you enjoy the community of having other parents who love teaching their children through play, Casey runs Little Play Club. A monthly membership which includes so many fun activities. One of our favourites of the play club are the dramatic play set ups. Fun printables you can use to set up play areas with. I recently printed off the cupcake shop and turned out cubby house into a cupcake shop! My children loved it! We used play dough and candles to make little cupcakes and they used their play till to sell them to each other. If all of those things don’t tempt you enough, we are also loving Caseys idea of busy bags. Putting different activities into little bags, then when you need to get something done (work, housework, cook dinner etc) you get out one of the bags and let your children explore. Because they are put away, they are more exciting on the days you get them out.
  5. Lastly, I just wanted to mention my 52 weeks of Mums in the frame challenge I have going on on my Instagram account. Each week I share a prompt of something you might do daily with your children. When I created a poll asking Mums the types of photos they wish they had with them in it, everyone responded with everyday moments. These prompts will remind you of the small everyday moments that will change as your children grow, and tips on how to capture them, with you in the photo too. You can follow along here 🙂

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