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Book your maternity and newborn photoshoot together and save!

If you are currently expecting your baby and looking for a baby photographer in Cairns, then this post is for you.

I have recently added an amazing new package for pregnancy and newborn baby photoshoots. Book your maternity and newborn photoshoot together and save!

How much will I save?

When looking at my pricing page, you will notice that there are two different session fees. This is due to the nature of newborn photoshoots. Your time in the studio takes quite a bit longer. By booking your sessions at the same time, you will save $100 off your maternity session fee. Making it just $50 to come in and have your growing bump photographed! Then you only purchase the photos you love.

What is the advantage of booking a maternity and newborn session together?

mother and baby newborn photo by cairns newborn photographer Lizzy Hannaford

Your photoshoots are tailored to you. During your pre-session consultation (which can be done over the phone, via video call, by email or in person) we discuss the types of images you would like to have captured, who you’d like to bring along to be photographed with you and any colours or particular types of photo you are drawn to. This ensures that we only take photos that you are going to love, and you can get home for a well needed rest as soon as possible.

Some people really love wall art (canvas or framed prints). Every time they walk into a particular room, they want to be reminded of how little their babies were. I don’t know about you, but every time I see how quickly the time goes, I am reminded to ignore the never ending housework, and really enjoy quality time with my children.

Also, if you have decorated your home in a particular colour scheme, you want the photos you hang on your wall to compliment that.

Other parents fall in love with albums. They love nothing more than sitting down with family members, turning the pages of an album they know is going to last through generations, talking about their memories of a particular time in their life. The newborn stage for me was such a blur, that having a visual representation of that time takes me back instantly. I remember that newborn baby smell, how curly my babies were and the tiny little details that change within weeks! It’s amazing how quickly newborns change.

By booking your maternity and newborn photoshoot together, we can plan out your photos ahead of time. Choosing outfits that will compliment each other for both sessions. That way, whether you choose to hang your images on the wall, or place them into an album, they will fit together beautifully.

I would only like a few images captured of my bump

Mini sessions are extremely popular these days. While I currently don’t offer mini sessions on a regular basis, this would be the perfect opportunity if you only want a few images of your bump. The session fee is heavily reduced, and you still get the option to use the ever growing studio wardrobe if you wish. Then, when it comes to choosing your photo collection you can combine both your maternity and newborn session.

I currently offer 3 collections. 10, 20 or 30 images. You could choose the 30 image collection (best value for your money) and select 5 photos from your maternity session, and 25 from your newborn session.

If you booked the sessions separately, you would be purchasing two collections and potentially spending $600 + more!

It’s late in my pregnancy and I forgot to book a maternity shoot

That’s ok! If you’d still like to get maternity photos, I try my hardest to accommodate late bookings.

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My friend gave me a referral voucher, can I use both?

At this time, you can only redeem one offer at a time. If your friend gave you a referral card and you book your sessions separately, by all means you will receive the discount.

Do you assist with colour choice for my maternity and newborn photoshoot?

Of course! That’s the great thing about the pre-session consultation. We discuss the types of photos you would like, whether you prefer a more light and airy feel or a more dark and moody feel to your photos, if you have any colours that you love, whether you prefer simple black or white outfits in your photos. We really go into depths to get you the timeless, classic photos that you will love for a lifetime.

I heard that you have a free hospital bag checklist?

I do! You can find the link here! It also includes a bonus PDF with questions to ask your midwife. I wrote them using my own experience with child birth. I found a lot of the checklists include things I didn’t need, so mine is simple and includes the necessities.

You can download it via this link

I hope this discount really helps you out, and you’ve found some gat info with the frequently asked questions too! If you have any other questions regarding you maternity or newborn photoshoot, you can send them through via my contact page, or email me directly at

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I can’t wait to meet you and your bundle of joy soon 🙂




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