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April’s Monthly Favourites | Cairns Family Photographer

Each month, I will be sharing my monthly favourites. These may be photography related, or things I use that help make my life more organised, healthy and fulfilled. I hope you can find something that you enjoy too!

I can’t believe I’m already writing my five favourites for the month of April (But maybe that’s because March’s post was slightly late 😉 #mumlife)

This month we talk about food and fitness, capturing your family in the pool, working out from home and travel! Lets get into it!

  1. I’ve mentioned a few different resources for working out from home for FREE in previous posts, (January, February, March) but this week I thought I’d talk about the paid resource I use. Les Mills on Demand. Last month one of my top five was my gym membership, but what happens when #mumlife happens and I can’t make it to the gym? (Would it be a week with children without someone being sick or not sleeping through the night?!) I started using Les Mills on Demand over a year ago. I’ve always been a fan of the Les Mills programmes at the gym, particularly Body Combat, so having the option to take the classes at home is perfect for me. Sometimes I can’t make it to the gym at the time the creche is open, or one of my children is sick so I can’t put them in the creche. This is the perfect way to still get my workout in without having to bundle everyone into the car, pack 300 snacks, get my children dressed, pack ALL THE THINGS… You know how it goes! Leaving the house with kids is like a workout in itself, right?! This way I can be flexible about when I work out. There are options to take full classes, 45 minute ones, 30 minutes and even short ones if you have really limited time. There’s an app so you can do the classes in your garden and best of all, it’s ON DEMAND. You can do them any time of the day, you can take unlimited classes and there are so many releases to choose from. If you’d like to read more about Les Mills on Demand, I wrote a full post which you can read here.
  2. Trip in a Van – If you love travelling around our home country of Australia with your children, then you need to check out this YouTube channel! I’ve been following them for a long time and even my children love to watch them. They sold everything to travel Australia for a year, and five (I think) years later, they’re still going. Their content is amazing. So many ideas for where to go, what to pack, gear you need, gear you can dream of getting, free camp recommendations, paid camp recommendations, meals they eat on the road, attractions to go to in each town, homeschooling their kids. If you haven’t thought about travelling Australia before, trust me you’ll get the bug after watching them! Highly recommend. Much better brain food than The Kardashians 😉
  3. My FREE Hospital Bag Checklist – I can’t write a post to current and expectant Mums without mentioning my free hospital bag checklist. If you’ve followed me on social media for a while, you’ll know I’m a pretty simple person. I don’t like anything over complicated, and don’t buy into buying unnecessary things! I’m a minimalist! As much as following influencers for their great ideas can be helpful, I often find their checklists are full of things I personally just wouldn’t use. So I created my own! This list contains the essentials I think you need to pack when going into hospital to have your baby. I also added a bonus checklist for what to ask your midwife. When I had my children, I felt pretty confident in the physical side of having and raising my baby. I studied child development and have worked with children for many years. I knew what to expect and felt confident to ask questions for things I was unsure of. However, I’m aware that not everyone feels this way, and if you have absolutely no idea what to expect, how would you know what to ask?! Both checklists also have blank spaces for you to add your own ideas. You can download the checklist here.
  4. GoPro – We are lucky in Cairns that the weather is still extremely warm! (and really, it’s this way all year round!) It’s the norm to have a pool in your yard here in Cairns (I still find that strange, coming from England!) It’s probably no secret that I take lots of photos of my kids 😉 But what do I do when my kids are in the pool? I don’t always want to be the one sat on the side taking photos and not getting in on the fun. So I invested in a GoPro. I love that I can capture video and photos, it’s really small so not really intrusive on us enjoying ourselves (and is travel friendly) and you can actually use your voice to tell it to take a photo! You know how passionate I am about ensuring Mums also get in the frame! They are easy to use, and you can buy as many or as little accessories as you like. We have the tripod hand grip, waterproof case, head strap and the dome. (*Affiliate link for dome) Sometimes I take my GoPro out and about instead of my camera, even to the park, and who can take a visit to the Great Barrier Reef without one?!
  5. Jamie Oliver – Save with Jamie – I can’t not mention something food related in my monthly favourites! Food is definitely a focus for our family! I love to cook! This book I’ve had for years. I love Jamie Oliver. If I’m looking for a recipe online, I will always search the Jamie Oliver version! They are always family friendly and easy to make. The clue is in the title for why I love this book. He creates a ‘Mothership” roast using different meats and then gives you meals after each one for using up the leftovers. Buying larger cuts of meat saves money, and then using up the leftovers saves money and time during the week. Love this book! (*Affiliate link)

So that wraps up Aprils monthly favourites. I hope you find something useful. Please leave a comment or send me a DM if you’d like to know more about any of the items I’ve listed above. I’d also love to hear if you love any of these things too!

See you next month for more monthly faves!

Lizzy x

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My FREE hospital bag checklist with bonus ‘questions to ask your midwife’