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5 Of The Best Milestones To Capture

As a baby photographer, I spend a lot of my time, capturing important milestones.

While pregnancy photography and newborn photography are two of the most popular milestones to capture, I thought I would write a little post to include three of my other favourites! I guess the beginning, is always a good place to start….

  1. Pregnancy.

So what is pregnancy (or maternity) photography? Well, as the name suggests, it is photographing a pregnancy! Commonly booked towards the end of your pregnancy (28-32 weeks is best), it’s a chance to capture an exciting, intimate time with your baby bump, to celebrate your love for each other (and any siblings) and to celebrate our incredible bodies and the way they change during pregnancy.

The reason we suggest around 28-32 (25-30 for multiples – twins, triplets etc) weeks is because it gives your bump a chance to really ‘pop’, but before the stage where you get really uncomfortable.

Some women feel really amazing during pregnancy, whereas others feel sick, bloated and generally not very nice. I’ve spoken with lots of women, post natally, who say they regret not getting pregnancy/maternity photos, even though they felt terrible.

This is where posing comes in. While a common thing I hear is ‘I hate anything posed’, this is a time posing is advantageous. We use posing to create a silhouette with the body to really show off that bump, but also to photograph your body in the most flattering way.

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2. Newborn

Newborn photography has got to be the most popular when it comes to capturing your baby. They change so quickly in those early days, it feels like if you blink, you might miss something.

The best time to capture those sleepy newborn photos is under two weeks of age. After two weeks, babies are generally harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne can flare up.

However, please don’t panic if you have an older newborn. It might be the last thing you think of before you have the baby, or for whatever reason, it didn’t happen for you. My relaxed approach to sessions with less posing, and more authentic moments, means that after two weeks is also great! You will likely just have more awake shots, which in my opinion, are just as cute!

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3. Sitter Session

These are probably the least thought about milestone to capture, but definitely a favourite of mine. Between 6-8 months, your baby is likely to be sitting independently, and really showing their little personality. They are generally extremely smiley at this stage too!

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4. 1st Birthday/Cake Smash

First Birthday photos are another popular time to capture a milestone. I usually split my session into three parts. Portraits, Cake Smash, Bubble bath.

Unfortunately, the cake is the most asked about part, but also the part baby tends to hate the most! During the first year, baby has likely not had a lot of experience with sugar, let alone a huge cake sat in front of them. I tend to stick to a smaller, minimalistic cake for this reason. A great tip though, is about a week before their session, get a little cupcake version of their cake for them to try (I get mine from The Hungry Hummingbird).

Baby’s favourite part is the bubble bath! (Most) babies love the water! Watching their happy little faces while splashing in the little white tub is adorable! A favourite with Mums too!

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5. Baby’s First Christmas

I couldn’t talk about my favourite things, without including Christmas! If you’re like me, it’s your favourite time of year, and probably a time you have your camera out the most.

I love looking back at our Family Christmas photos each year to see the growth in my children, and it’s a great way to remember to update the Family picture and send a Christmas card to Family and friends.

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So there you go. My 5 best milestones to capture.

Do you have any favourite milestones you love to capture? Let me know in the comments!






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